Who has I Care Helped?

Read our Success Stories and how we've helped others.

A single mom of two teenagers lost her full-time job, and despite several months of looking for work, she was unable to find full-time employment. While she was able to find part-time work, her income was insufficient to pay her monthly household costs, and consequently she fell behind two mortgage payments. iCare of Michigan assisted the family by covering two past-due mortgage payments for a total of $890.
A mother and her three children woke one day to find their husband and father had left. He emptied their checking and savings accounts and disappeared without paying any outstanding bills or taxes. Despite her efforts to work things out, the mother found her utilities in jeopardy of shutoff. iCare of Michigan paid the $884.23 in utilities to help keep the family going.
A self-employed father was without income while receiving from major surgery; during this same period, his wife had just given birth to their third child and also unable to work. The couple was in jeopardy of losing their home, when iCare of Michigan stepped in and assisted the family by paying one month's mortgage payment of $718.
"The care your organization gave to Angel Tree’s 250 Detroit area children of prisoners and their homes filled stomachs AND hearts! With the funds donated by iCare of Michigan, we were able to deliver overflowing bags of groceries that included a hearty Christmas meal and much more! Thank you for the generous support of this important outreach that hopes to bring love, care and relationship restoration to these Angel Tree kids and their families. This is what the spirit of Christmas is truly about!" - Lisa & Eric Thams, St. Paul on the Lake Angel Tree Coordinators

iCare of Michigan is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization