iCare of Michigan: Mission

To help children, adults and families with one-time immediate donations to help diffuse any current crisis. We are dedicated to raising funds to help those in need where no other help exists, and provide such in a speedy response. Each person or organization dedicated to the mission graciously volunteers either their individual resources, expertise and/or their time.


iCare of Michigan: History

In 1969, after the inner city neighborhood conflicts, Warren Smith requested a lunch with local businessmen. The purpose of this lunch was to discuss what actions could be taken to aid the children of the Cass Corridor in Detroit, MI. These businessmen were familiar with the needs of these children and together were determined and committed to making a difference. From that moment in time, iCare of Michigan was conceived. The mission then was to assist these children through an organization that maintained zero overhead. Each person volunteered to make positive impacts utilizing their individual resources, expertise, and their time.

Today, iCare of Michigan continues to help those in need, but doesn't just sustain any one child, family, program or organization. Our purpose is to help anyone in need for “any good reason,” responding with cash donations on a one-to-one basis with no waiting period. We're happy to share that today we are more than two thousand donors strong, and have helped countless of lives!


iCare of Michigan Today

Today, iCare of Michigan is more than two thousand donors strong! Though iCare of Michigan was initially dedicated to helping children in need, our mission has expanded to help children, adults, and families with "one-time relief" direct donations.*

iCare of Michigan is also a partner to many Detroit area charitable agencies. When these charities are unable to assist at an urgent situation, iCare of Michigan steps in and provides the immediate assistance.

iCare of Michigan distributes their donations through individuals as well as these recognized agencies:

  • Traveler's Aid
  • The Detroit Housing Commission
  • The St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Joy of Jesus
  • Cass Corridor Youth Advocates
  • Local Churches of All Denominations

Interested in how you can support iCare of Michigan? You can start be either donating or getting involved!

*Your donation is not made directly to a recipient, but to iCare of Michigan. iCare of Michigan then uses the donation money to pay the recipient’s medical bills, utility bills, mortgage payments, etc.

iCare of Michigan is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization